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Our Canvas

Images are printed on a 450 gsm gesso coated 100% cotton canvas created specifically for wide format canvas printing. This allows us to provide the warmth and feel of canvas while still allowing for crisp detail and vivid colours for each piece we create. 


Your canvas options are stretched on either a 5/8” or 1 1/2” a high quality kiln dried solid wood frame. With the exception of canvas only prints all canvases are protected by a UV coating providing fade and scratch resistance.

We offer 4 different canvas edge options: Mirrored, Image Wrap, White and Black.


With a mirrored edge, the sides of the canvas reflect a portion of the image to blend seamlessly with the image.


For an image wrap, the image is stretched across the edges to provide a gallery-style look.


For black and white edge options, the canvas frame is simply in black or white colour.


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