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Understanding Plak, Flush and Float Mount

In the realm of art and photography, there are many ways that an image can be presented. However, certain options can have a major effect on the longevity and overall impact of the image. Among the myriad of presentation options, plak's stand out as a timeless choice for displaying beautiful artwork. Within the world of Plak Mounting, many key aspects differentiate one from the other. Yes, plak's are not a one-size-fits-all-all, but rather three exciting options that are all unique and have their own set of benefits. In this blog, we will delve deeper into the essential differences between Plak, Flush and Float

A standard Plak Mount is the most traditional method out of the three. Within this style of plak, the printed artwork is mounted onto a MDF substrate. The edges which are beveled to a colour of your choosing, create a seamless transition from artwork to edge. This creates a clean and stunning presentation suitable for the largest arrangement of artwork. 

A Plak Mount is less expensive than the other options and most popular of the three. Once all images are mounted, they can be protected with Luxtrate lamination. This feature keeps the photo's colours the same against UV light offering durability and creating amazing longevity. 

Flush Mounts offer a sleek and more contemporary alternative to the traditional Plak Mount. This style is mounted onto a thin substrate and then mounted onto a 1" frame. With the larger edge, this technique allows the frame to sit farther away from the wall, with no distractions as your image takes center stage. 

Float Mounts are effective for enhancing the visual impact of fine prints. With the float creating a sense of depth, it draws the viewer's attention to the artwork itself. Additionally, Float Mounts can be paired with backlighting to further enhance the dramatic effect, allowing a captivating focal point in any room. 

When choosing the right product for your artwork there is no wrong option, rather which option will work best for your image. Plak Mounts offer timeless elegance and versatility, Flush Mounts provide a modern and sleek simplicity, while Float Mounts offer a more artistic depth that intrigues the eyes. 

With a understanding of the differences between the three options, you can now choose the perfect presentation method for your interior. Then you can enjoy the amazing presentation these plak's provide for your artwork for years to come!

May 22, 2024 - Super Plak

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